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JCR Avrasya Sustainability

We believe that in order to continue their activities in the long run and provide the expected benefit, companies should prioritize all of their stakeholders, sectoral business partners, the target group served, and society within the framework of environmental and social sensitivity within the frame of value delivery. Social responsibility and sustainability activities, that all institutions and organizations emphasize and attach importance to, have a big importance for the future of both communal living and companies.

It is a necessity to deal with an economic, environmental, social and institutional factors entirely for the purpose of establishing sustainability in all financial markets, just like in the social division of labor. Environmental and social opportunities and hazards, as well as economic and financial concerns, must now be considered in business and investment choices if the financial system and society are to be sustainable. Sustainability, is the primary thing that should be provided in order to protect and strengthen corporate reputation.

JCR Avrasya Derecelendirme Şirketi A.Ş. develops strategies for sustainability with a holistic perspective and continues of the activities. The Company makes strides to ensure that efforts to create a sustainable financial environment in financial markets and contribute to society's future are carried out efficiently and effectively.
Within this framework, UNPRI (United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment) signed the "ESG Factors Initiative to be Considered in Credit Ratings" and included these factors in its credit rating methodologies on 16 May 2018. The informations, that are given, are accesible from the link below.

Document link

JCR-ER aspires to bring value to capital markets, business partners, consumers, and society through the sustainability processes it controls and the plans it has developed while considering its corporate ethics, compliance with regulatory laws, and all risk considerations.
With corporate, environmental, and social sustainability initiatives and practices carried out within the framework of this policy, JCR-ER intends to strengthen its competitiveness in national and worldwide markets.