Quality Policy
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JCR Avrasya Derecelendirme A.Ş., which continuously improves its corporate structure, senior management, and all of its personnel, as well as its services, provides services in accordance with national and international standards, and focuses on customer satisfaction in all of its activities,  has taken the following items as its quality policy: 

•    Providing services in compliance with national and international standards, as well as improving business operations on a continuous basis,

•    Sharing information with its stakeholders and the general public in an transparent, timely, and consistent manner,

•    With the products and services it provides, it focuses on maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction, efficiently managing customer feedback, and completing and continuously improving services on time while making efficient use of resources by removing processes that do not add value,

•    To comply with national and international corporate governance standards in all business and decision-making processes; being accountable and transparent for its business, services, and activities

•    Within the scope of accessibility to individual rating grades; not engaging in any privileged, biased treatment or practice contrary to the principle of equality in terms of regional, national and international organizations,

•    Being a reliable company that understands and meets the highest degree of customer needs and expectations,

•    Complying with legal and other requirements,

•    Explaining its business and transactions in a correct, complete, clear, understandable and truthful manner, taking into account the rights and interests of the company,

•    Not providing misleading, exaggerated and misleading information,

•    Taking measures to ensure that the capital markets access all kinds of data and information produced in JCR Avrasya Derecelendirme A.Ş and that must be disclosed to the public fully and accurately,

•    Complying with national and international standards and regulations in the services and management activities it provides, 

•    Being reliable with an understanding that fully meets the needs and expectations of capital markets and customers in all processes, 

•    Training our employees about quality, cost, efficiency, customer orientation and occupational health and safety continuously,

•    Increasing the quality level by emphasizing teamwork so that all employees become more competent and capable of utilizing their talents to their full potential within the framework of quality systems continuously,

•    Progressing in line with the company's objectives by investing in its employee and emphasizing the value it places on human resources,

•    Ensuring that employee satisfaction, loyalty and motivation are kept high through training programs that continuously promote employee development,
Protecting the health of our employees and visitors by eliminating the risks regarding occupational health and safety of our activities.